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Your Pets First Year:

Begin with a thorough physical exam to evaluate your pet's basic health and to detect congenital problems that need to be managed.  Some pets are born with heart disease, bone abnormalities, hernias, etc.  Some congenital conditions are not immediately evident so young pets benefit from frequent visits to their veterinarian.  Young animals are also especially susceptible to infectious diseases until they build immunity.  Immunization is accomplished through a series of vaccines beginning at six weeks of age, completed at four to five months of age, and then followed with annual boosters.

One Year Old:  Physiologically similar to a thirteen year old teenager.  Much can change this year, so we advise a physical exam to reassess your pet's health, to evaluate life style and to be certain all preventive measures are in place.

Two Years Old:  Similar to a young adult human in the early twenties.

Three to Seven Years Old:  Again, a Comprehensive Physical Exam is recommended as well as a blood screen.  This wellness program helps our veterinary team determine your pet's physiological "individual normal" as opposed to comparing him or her to an "average normal".

Eight to Ten Years Old:  Midlife stage, similar to a human between forty and fifty years old.  At this time, organ systems begin to deteriorate, depending on life style and genetics.  The challenge for us is to detect and manage health problems so pets can enjoy life with you to the fullest.  We advise increasing the number of physical exams to bi-annual at this stage.

Eleven Plus Years:  These are your pet's Golden Years!  At this age, the rate of deterioration increases, but most pets will enjoy their senior years with proper management and care.  Bi-annual physical exams recommended.


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